Scary Alien Looking Creatures Discovered in New Zealand

Animal Experts have been left amazed by “scary” alien-looking creatures which have been discovered in someone’s kitchen in New Zealand

The creatures, which possesses dark, furry bodies and mouse-like tails, left Tim Clerke worried after his mother discovered them in her Aukland home in New Zealand.

Tim, 47, posted a skin-irritating clip on social media in the quest of unlocking the mystery of what type species had left his wife “physically distressed.”

But the mystery got more confusing when commenters began speculating over what the creatures were – even experts were left scratching their heads.

Tim, said: “I took one look at them and knew I would never touch them 😂😂. 

“They looked like baby mice without facials features or limbs, my wife was physically distressed. I’d never seen anything like it so I turned to Facebook for answers, but they weren’t much help. Some thoughts they were baby rats, others rat-tailed maggots, others suggested they were detached moth legs. But my mum doesn’t have a cat, so how did they get there?”

Experts were equally at a loss, with three entomologists at Sydney University unable to confirm the species without closer inspection.

The species is yet to be identified.

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