Kim kardashian set to sue Missguided for $10M

The mega TV star, Kimberly Kardashian is going head to head in a legal battle with an online retailer (Missguided) for using her name and likeness in promoting their products on social media.

According to Kardashian attorney Michael Kump of Kinsella Weitzman “Missguided does not merely replicate the looks of these celebrities as seen on red carpets, in paparazzi photos, and in social media posts,” they conjointly consistently uses the names and pictures of Kardashian and different celebrities to advertise and spark interest in its web site and article of clothing.

Kim Kardashian conjointly takes issue with the corporate posting photos of her on Instagram and tagging her in its posts.

Just recently,” after Kim posted a photo on Instagram of a dress that was made for her by her husband (below left), Missguided quickly responded with its own Instagram post (below right) saying they would be ripping off the design in a few days.

“Misguided purposefully inserted Kim’s Instagram username (@kimkardashian) into its post to exploit her celebrity success and social media following in promoting the sale of its coming product.”


If you’re taking a fast stroll through the company’s Instagram feed, it shows photos of Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Cardi B and other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Kim’s says the company’s use of her trademarked name and her likeness is so pervasive that it’s tricking consumers into thinking she the company’s top brand ambassador.

Kim Kardashian is suing for violation of her right of packaging and trademark infringement, among different claims, And is seeking a minimum of $10 million in damages and an injunction exclusion ofMissguided using her name, image, and likeness.
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