Robots might start conducting job interviews in 2020


A 16-Inch tall robot recruiter named Tengai could be the future official computer used by HR professionals in conducting job interviews.

Tengai has been programmed by its makers to conduct interviews the exact same way any HR personnel would conduct interviews for a job seeker.


It does not engage in preinterview chit chat and also it asks every question in the same order and tone. Tengai sends a transcript to human employers containing only the interviewer’s answers, therefore, reducing any bias or inherited prejudices.

The robot was created by Furhat an artificial intelligence and social robotics company based in Sweden. The Sweden based company has spent the last four years creating an human-like computer interface that mimics facial expressions and human speech.

Tengai is expected to commence operations beginning from May 2019.

The AI robot has been undergoing different trials since October 2018, in partnership with one of Sweden’s largest recruitment agency TNG.

Real candidate interviews are set to commence in May 2019 as I said earlier and an English version could be ready in 2020. (The ones speaking the Swedish language will be rolled out first).

Things are about to become even easier for HR professionals and organizations around the world. Kudos to FURHAT for this top of the line invention.

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