How would I pay rent if I didn’t drug and rob men- Cardi B explodes in new interview

Grammy award winning  rapper Cardi B is really doubling down on her defenses against everyone’s outrageous comments about her when she revealed what she had to do to survive as  a stripper in New York city.

In a recent video with Beautycon in New York, Cardi B revealed that she doesn’t regret any of the actions she took to survive back in the day and she would never change a thing. Below is her response to the interviewers question:

Cardi: ” How you gonna pay ya rent? Even with a regular job you can’t pay rent . . . you can’t pay a f*cking room in New York City.

Nah let’s be real if you have a job that pay you $300 a week – b*tch, where you gonna live at with that money???

[If] you a college student, where you gonna live at you can’t even rent a room, so what f*ck was a i gonna do? I’m gonna do what i gotta do! “

Interviewer: Would you change anything?

Cardi: ” The F*ck NO! “…

Video clip from the interview:

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