Steve Harvey’s marriage might be ending soon

TV legend Steve Harvey might be ending his marriage pretty soon. According to a source who preferred to speak under the guide of anonymity revealed that Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey are on the brink of divorce.

According to the information reaching me Steve Harvey has been quietly selling off his properties, as he’s preparing to pay his wife Marjorie a large divorce settlement.

Here’s the info reaching me:

Steve Harvey is on a low-key mission to liquidate his properties ahead of a coming divorce battle and since January of 2019, Steve has put four of his properties in Texas on the market and sold two for a total $2 million!

The source also revealed that he transferred ownership of another Texas property he owns from his and wife Marjorie’s name into his own name.

Steve learned the hard way from his drawn-out divorce from [Ex wife] Mary. It took him years to get their properties into his name,” tattled a source.

The home sales come on the heels of news Steve’s $200 million business empire may be on the line — after his wife stormed out ahead of a possible down-and-dirty divorce war, sources said.

According to reports, Steve’s wife Marjorie recently ‘WALKED ON OUT HIM’, and went on a 3 month world trip with her daughter Lori without his permission. His wife his back now and putting pressure on him for the divorce proceedings.

Another source said:

“Marjorie would never allow herself to be pushed around. Money talks and her man had better provide. And when the money’s gone — she’s gone, too!” tattled a source.

“Steve is desperate to stay on television. He supports all six of their children in fine style and Marjorie is blowing through his cash.

“He’s even admitted to pals that he needs to work things out with her or he’ll be left with nothing, which is insane. He’s been on TV for 25 years!”

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