Today In World History- May 28th

Following are some major events to have occurred on May 28:

1940 – Belgium’s King Leopold surrendered to the invading Germans in World War Two. On the same day, evacuation of defeated Allied armies from Dunkirk began. By its completion on June 2, a total of 224,585 British and 112,546 French and Belgian troops were saved.

1981 – Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, Poland’s Roman Catholic primate and opponent of Warsaw’s Communist authorities, died.

1991 – Rebel tanks blasted their way into Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa at dawn, toppling the remnants of a Marxist government whose 17-year rule had brought war and famine.

1995 – Russia’s worst recorded earthquake killed 1,989 people in the far east oil-producing town of Neftegorsk, on Sakhalin Island. It measured 7.5 on the Richter scale.

1997 – Russia and Ukraine signed agreements giving Russia the right to base its part of the ex-Soviet Black Sea Fleet at Sevastopol on Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula for 20 years.

1998 – Pakistan officially became a nuclear power by conducting five nuclear test blasts.

1999 – Polish police removed hundreds of crosses from outside Auschwitz, ending an 11-month protest by radical Roman Catholics that badly damaged relations with Jewish groups.

2002 – NATO and Russia launched a new forum for security cooperation, with Russia sitting as an equal alongside the 19 NATO allies in the NATO-Russia Council.

2003 – Montreal Canadiens ice hockey player Patrick Roy announces retirement after an 18-year-career as one of the greatest goaltenders in NHL history.

2003 – World’s first cloned horse born in Italy by natural delivery.

2010 – Dozens killed in West Bengal train accident.

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