Today in History- June 11

Following are some of the major events to have occurred on June 11:

1903 – King Alexander I and Queen Draga of Serbia were murdered in a coup.

1955 – Eighty people were killed when three cars crashed on the Le Mans racetrack in France and ploughed into the spectators’ grandstand.

1963 – Greek Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis resigned.

1970 – Alexander Kerensky, moderate leader of Russia’s revolution of February 1917, died. Deposed by the Bolsheviks after a few months, he fled to France and then to the United States.

1979 – The American film star John Wayne died aged 72. A huge box office draw, he won only one Oscar, for best actor in “True Grit”.

2000 – Paraguay’s fugitive coup leader Lino Oviedo was arrested in Brazil after a six-month manhunt. He was later extradited to Paraguay.

2001 – Timothy McVeigh was executed six years after exploding a truck bomb outside a U.S. federal building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people.

2005 – General Vasco Goncalves, who headed four Portuguese provisional governments after a left-wing revolution in 1974, died aged 83.

2008 – Former Vietnam Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet, a major force behind economic reforms started in the late 1980s, died.

2012 – Earthquake strikes Afghanistan’s Baghlan province.

2015 – State TV in Greece returns to airwaves two-years after austerity shutdown.

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