Instagram star, Jess Hilarious unveils fake surgically enhanced ass- PICS!!!

Joshua Samuel

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Joshua Samuel

Jess Hilarious, the famous Instagram star, and comedian, recently got some butt implants. The Instagram star underwent a Brazilian Butt lift, where the surgeon liposuctioned fat from her stomach and injected it into her bum.

Jess thought she could keep surgery she underwent to herself, but her sister took to Instagram this weekend to make the big reveal.

Jess fired her sister, claiming she “put her in harm’s way” and “violated company guidelines.” Unfortunately, Jess didn’t really reveal what transpired between them but it’s glaring Jess’s sister was upset over losing her job, that she decided to tell the world what she did.

After Jess heard that her sister snitched, then she decided to talk about it. According to Jess, her ass is real because ‘the fat injected into her ass is still from her body”.

What Jess’s backside look like after the surgery:

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