103 year old woman sets a new world record for winning a 50-meter dash race

Joshua Samuel

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Joshua Samuel

Age is just a freaking number and this 103-year-old lady has proved it.

103-year-old, Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins has just set a new world record in her own division, The women’s 100 plus- by finishing a 50 meter dash race at the senior games which happened live in Albuqueque, new mexico.

Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins completed the race in just 46.07 seconds.

Surprisingly, this is not the first world record the 103-year-old lady will be known for. Back in 2017, Julia completed an 100 meter race in just 40 seconds. (she still holds that record till date).

According to her family members and close relatives, Julia had only begun racing recently-gearing up for the first time at the age of 101.

Julia Hawkins who has revealed that this sport makes her mind and body sharp, also said she won’t be slowing down any time soon. 103-year-old Hawkins prefers to train by walking around in her garden. “I have about 1 acres of land including 50 trees, so I prefer working on them all the time”. Julia said.

While poeple nicked named her “Hurricane” Julia Hawkins revealed that she prefers to be called “The flower lady“.

Asides from having a top priority to enjoy an healthy lifestyle, Julia has a stronger purpose of inspiring other people when ever she gets on the track to race.

“I truly hope others can be inspired to live an healthy life and to realize that things like this are still very possible to achieve regardless of your age”.

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