Landing gear crushes airport technician

Joshua Samuel

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Joshua Samuel

A technician who is still undergoing training in India was crushed to death on Wednesday by the landing gear flaps on an airplane while carrying out maintenance work, airline SpiceJet revealed.

“Unfortunately, the major landing door closed Rohit got stuck in between the flaps,” the aviation company revealed after the incident at Kolkata airport in eastern India.

“The hydraulic doors had to be destroyed to rescue (Rohit) Pandey but he had died instantly,” the airline stated. “The entire SpiceJet family stands together in grief in this terrible incident.”

The director of the airport Kaushik Bhattacharya said that Pandey, 26, was “sucked into the lower end of the aircraft due to hydraulic pressure. His body had to be cut out of it”. The aircraft was a Canadian Bombardier Q400.

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