Albert Bourla Net Worth

What Is Albert Bourla’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$36 Million
Source of WealthCEO of Pfizer
Date of BirthOctober 21, 1961
Height5 feet 9 inches
Place of BirthThessaloniki, Greece
Star SignLibra
ReligionSephardi Jewish
PartnerMyriam Alchanati

Albert Bourla’s Introduction

Albert Bourla is the Greek-American CEO of Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical corporation. Currently, he serves on the boards of several major organizations. After serving as president for several divisions within Pfizer, he became CEO in 2018. His estimated net worth is approximately $36 million.

Early Life of Albert Bourla

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, on October 21, 1961, Albert Bourla is the son of two Sephardi Jews. In 1985, Albert earned a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

After Albert completed his education, he and his wife left Greece. They spent several years moving around the world before settling down in New York.

Albert Bourla’s Career

Albert Bourla signed on with Pfizer in 1993 as a veterinarian. At that time, he also became the technical director for the company’s Greek animal health division. Since then, he’s held multiple roles, including president of several of Pfizer’s Animal Health Divisions.

In 2018, Bourla took over as Pfizer’s Chief Operating Officer. One year later, he was promoted to CEO. As of 2020, his career achievements led Institutional Investor to rank him as the top CEO in America’s pharmaceutical industry. 

Highlights of Albert Bourla’s Career

  • 1993 Hired by Pfizer
  • 2010 Became president of Pfizer’s Established Products Business Unit
  • 2014 Took over as president of Pfizer’s Global Vaccines, Oncology, and Consumer Healthcare sector
  • 2016 Became president of Pfizer Innovative Health
  • 2018 Promoted to Pfizer’s COO
  • 2019 Took over as CEO when Ian Read retired
  • 2020 Partnered with BioNTech to develop a COVID-19 vaccine
  • 2021 Named CEO of the year by CNN Business  
  • 2022 Genesis Prize Laureate for leadership during the pandemic

Personal Life of Albert Bourla

Albert Bourla and his wife, Myriam, emigrated to the United States in 2001, where they had two children. Unfortunately, not much information is available about his family members. 

Albert and his family currently live in Scarsdale, New York, and have a second home in Chalkidiki, Greece. The son of two Holocaust survivors, Albert strongly connects with his Greek and Jewish heritage.

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On March 13, 2022, Albert Bourla appeared on Face the Nation to discuss the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rollout of Pfizer’s vaccine. You can view the video below. 

Famous Quotes of Albert Bourla

1.) “Reputation is something that you earn in drops, you can lose it in buckets. So I treasure what we have right now, the high reputation.”

2.) “Luck never comes to the unprepared.”

3.) “[E]verything we need to do needs to be significant science, not incremental help, not incremental improvements compared to the current standards of care, but the breakthrough improvements to the degree that would change the life of the people that are benefitting.”

Social Media Stats of Albert Bourla  

Albert is most active on his Twitter account, AlbertBourla. You can also find him posting regularly on LinkedIn, sharing industry news.

Success Lessons From Albert Bourla

When Albert entered the pharmaceutical industry, he saw a need to make Pfizer more science-driven—this allowed the company to thrive in new directions.

As Albert helped his company navigate the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, he learned the importance of focusing only on what you can change and setting aside the rest. 

During his time as CEO of Pfizer, Albert has learned to balance stakeholders’ interests with the needs of society. He feels this has allowed him to help Pfizer grow for the better.

Interesting Facts About Albert Bourla

Albert Bourla’s parents were two of only 2,000 Jews to survive the Holocaust in the town where he grew up. His mother escaped execution moments before her scheduled execution.

Before settling down in New York, Albert lived in 8 cities in 5 countries since leaving Greece in 2001. 

Although Albert’s net worth is $36 million, he’s entitled to a “golden parachute” in the event of Pfizer’s sale, giving him $113 million more. 

When planning the pricing of the COVID-19 vaccine, Albert Bourla’s decision weighed heavily in favor of societal benefit over profit. He felt this could help reset the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry.


Here are the answers to a few common questions about Albert Bourla. 

Did Albert Bourla write a book?

Albert Bourla’s book, Moonshot: Inside Pfizer’s Nine-Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible came out on March 8, 2022. It details Pfizer’s journey during the COVID-19 vaccine development.

Was Albert Bourla arrested for fraud?

A Canadian news outlet falsely reported Albert Bourla’s arrest for fraud on November 5, 2021. 

Has Albert Bourla won any awards?

Albert Bourla won many awards throughout his career. These include the Genesis Award, the Appeal of Conscience Award, and The Atlantic Council’s Distinguished Business Leadership Award.

Final Words

Albert Bourla is the CEO of Pfizer, with an estimated net worth of $36 million. He continues to help lead his company toward medical breakthroughs regularly. Currently, he lives in Scarsdale, New York, with his wife and two children.