DMX Net Worth

What is DMX’s net worth?

Net worth-1 Million USD
Source of WealthRapping
Date of BirthDecember 18, 1970
Height5’9 / 180 cm
Place of BirthMount Vernon, New York
Star SignSaggitarius
Marital StatusTashera Simmons (div. 2014)
Date of DeathApril 9, 2021

DMX’s Intro

DMX was an American professional rapper and actor whose real name was Earl Simmons. DMX, which stood for “Dark Man X,” began rapping in the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until his debut album, “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot,” in 1998 that he gained mainstream popularity as a rap artist.

In addition to his music career, DMX amassed some 58 acting credits. He is particularly well known for his roles in Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, and Cradle to the Grave.

His autobiography, E.A.R.L: The Autobiography of DMX, was published in 2002. E.A.R.L. is an acronym for “Ever Always Real Life.”

Early Life of DMX

When he was born in 1970, DMX’s mother and father were only 19 and 18years old. His father moved to Philadelphia soon after Earl’s birth and remained absent during Earl’s childhood. 

Earl had a very rough childhood. He was abused and beaten severely by his mother and her boyfriends. The abject poverty and abuse he endured led to the commission of crimes by the young DMX, including theft and arson.

DMX’s Career

Earl started practicing music in the form of beatboxing at around 14 years old. He first signed with Ruffhouse Labels in 1992 and released his first single ‘born loser’ in 1993. He released his second single the following year and his first album in 1998.

The album was a great commercial success; it debuted at the number one standing on the Billboard 200 chart. He would achieve the same number one ranking on the Billboard 200 chart with the release of his next four albums, achieving it five times in a row.

DMX’s Career Highlights

  • Five albums in a row debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart
  • His first album, “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot,” sold over 5 million copies
  • “And then there was X” was his third and best-selling album, and its most popular track garnered a Grammy nomination at the 2001 Grammy Awards.
  • His eighth final album, “Exodus,” was released posthumously in May 2021.

Personal Life of DMX

DMX married his childhood friend Tashera Simmons in 1999. They were married for 11 years before divorcing. He had four children with her and may have had 11 children with women other than her. In total, he had 15 children from 17 women.

He filed for bankruptcy three times in the latter stages of his life. He failed to pay taxes, committing tax fraud in multiple instances, which led to him being prosecuted and found guilty.

He died in April 2021 of a cocaine-induced heart attack.

Heartbreaking DMX Last Moments Before His Death

Famous Quotes and Sayings of DMX

  • “The truth doesn’t change. It was the same when Moses got the Ten Commandments as it is today. That’s the thing about the truth. That’s the thing about real. It doesn’t change and it doesn’t have to change. Now you can put it in a different book, but it’s still real. It’s still the truth.”
  • “There’s a difference between violence and senseless violence.”
  • “You can’t call any one person the devil. Because no one person has the power to be the devil.”

DMX’s Social Media Stats and Info

Since his passing in April of 2021, the status of his social media accounts is unsure. Here are some of his numbers from before his death:

DMX’s Success Lessons

  1. DMX had a rough childhood, but he did not let that stop him from achieving success.
  2. DMX started music with beatboxing at the young age of 14, and it nurtured his passion for music throughout his life.
  3. He stayed true to his craft. He started music in the early 80s, and his last track appeared in 2021.
  4. Despite the altercations he was involved in, he did attempt to keep his character upright. A judge from the US District Court thought he was a ‘decent man.’

Interesting Facts about DMX

  • DMX was a Christian and claimed to have read the bible every day.
  • He had, in total, 15 children from 17 women.
  • DMX had a feud with the popular rapper Jay-Z. This feud initially began as a rap battle and led to the failure of their partnership in Murder Inc.
  • DMX has been in jail 30 times from the 1980s to the 2010s.


How did DMX die?

DMX died due to a heart attack rumored to have resulted from cocaine use.

What does DMX mean?

DMX stands for Dead Man X.

Which movies did DMX act in?

DMX acted in several films, some of the more notable ones being Belly, Last Hour, and Romeo Must Die.

Final Thoughts

DMX currently has a net worth of -1 million USD. He went broke in the later stages of his life. He was convicted of one count of Tax Fraud and owed the government more than 2 million dollars at the time of his death. He had a rough childhood but started beatboxing at the age of 14. He continued music as a passion and released five chart-topping albums in a row.

He died in 2021 due to a heart attack speculated to have been caused by a drug overdose.