Lark Davis’ Net Worth

What is Lark Davis’ Net Worth?

Net Worth$3 million
Source of WealthCrypto content creator/Youtuber/Personality/crypto trading
Date of BirthUnknown
NationalityNew Zealand
Place of BirthNew Zealand
Star SignUnknown
Last UpdatedApril 2022

Basic Info

Lark Davis is a YouTube personality and cryptocurrency expert. He trades, analyzes, and releases information on the crypto market. Viewers of his YouTube channel can learn all bout crypto and the changing economic structure of the world. 

Davis is one of the highest-paid crypto YouTubers, noted for his entertaining style and his love of having fun. 

Early Life

Not much is known of Lark Davis’ early life, as he keeps a pretty tight lid on personal details. But it is common knowledge that he grew up on a small organic homestead in New Zealand and always had a lot of big dreams. 

Davis is believed to have a background in political science. His style combines knowledge and informational material with humor and critical thinking. 


Davis started his career as YouTuber in 2009. He also began by offering a weekly subscription-based newsletter that provided additional information about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and how to apply the changing monetary systems for personal gain. 

Now, Davis is one of the high-paid YouTubers talking about cryptocurrency. He still offers plenty of informational materials, including a paid beginner course that helps anyone understand crypto and the blockchain. 


  • Started YouTube channel in 2009
  • Started uploading videos in 2017
  • Began accompanying newsletter
  • Achieved 479 thousand subscribers
  • Earns around $120,000 a year
  • One of the highest-paid crypto YouTubers out there

Personal Life

Not much is known about Lark Davis’ personal life. His relationship status is currently unknown, and not even his date of birth is common knowledge. Although his job is very public-facing, he tends to keep details about his personal life out of the public eye. 

He is from New Zealand and grew up on an organic homestead. His hobbies include having fun and developing his own critical thinking skills. 

Davis has always been a comedic character and works his sense of humor into his YouTube videos. 

Famous Quotes

“Binance has been a monumental force in the space. Binance has been a major trendsetter, with the Binance Chain and a massive ecosystem.”

“Bitcoin is getting impossible to ignore at this point. When you start to put all the little pieces together, it’s absolute insanity what is going on.”

“Now is the perfect time to be paying attention to the cryptocurrency market.”

Social Media Stats & Info

Because Lark Davis is a famous YouTube personality, his social media presence is extensive. He has followers across various markets, making him accessible to almost anyone.

On Twitter, Lark Davis is very active. He has 961,300 followers. He joined in April 2009, and he follows 452 people.

On YouTube, Davis has 488,000 subscribers and almost 2,000 videos. 

On Facebook, Davis’ page has 8,196 likes and 10,295 followers. 

On Instagram, Davis has 1,000,000 followers and 140 posts. 

Success Lessons

The biggest success lesson to learn from Lark Davis is how a humble homestead boy could grow up into a successful social media personality. Although he struggled for a few years, he was able to launch his channel and start bringing in an income successfully. 

By dedicating himself to his craft, he built an entire network of followers who look forward to new videos every week and who genuinely desire his advice. Sometimes being good at something means working at it tirelessly. 

Interesting or Weird Facts

No real exciting or weird facts are known about Lark Davis at this time. His personal life is kept very private, despite his entire career being hosted online. 

It is common knowledge that Davis is one of the highest-paid crypto YouTubers currently making videos. He also releases a newsletter for subscribers who want to learn more and grow in their investment knowledge. 

On Instagram, Davis describes himself as a dude who talks about bitcoin and crypto.


Here are some of the common questions that other people ask about Lark Davis.

Is Lark Davis a millionaire?

As a content creator, Davis’ network is somewhere around $3,000,000. This does not necessarily make him a millionaire.

What is Crypto Lark?

Crypto Lark is the name that Lark Davis uses on his social media platforms.


Lark Davis is a successful Youtuber and social media personality. He has been uploading videos since 2017, focusing on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He is one of the most successful YouTubers in that genre. 

With a net worth of about $3,000,000, Davis is also one of the highest-paid crypto YouTubers currently active. He hails from New Zealand and keeps much of his private life to himself, although he connects with his viewers through humor and his fun personality.