Man Pays Hotel Bills For 70 Homeless People


An unidentified Good Samaritan paid off the hotel bills of 70 homeless people in Chicago as the city faces record-breaking icing temperatures.

According to reports, these people were camped out overnight in tents after their propane tanks were ceased.

The city of Chicago, which was expected to be colder than Antarctica, Alaska and the North Pole combined on Wednesday, saw temperatures as low as -25 degrees with a wind of 49 degrees below zero.

According to Salvation Army spokeswoman Jacqueline Rachev, The group set up a makeshift camp and had been using donated propane tanks for warmth when one exploded. Because of this the Chicago Fire Department to remove all the other tanks because they posed a hazard.

According to reports, only one person declined the offer of being taken to a nice hotel. He opted to stay at a warming center instead 🙄.


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