Maye Musk’s Net Worth

What is Maye Musk’s net worth?

Net Worth$20 million
Source of WealthWriting/Modeling/Diet Counseling
Date of BirthApril 19th, 1948
NationalityCanada, South Africa, United States
Height1.73m (5 ‘8)
Place of BirthRegina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Star SignAries
PartnerErrol Musk (1970-1979)
Last UpdatedApril 2022


Maye Musk is best known as the mother of entrepreneur and investor Elon Musk. However, she is a very famous person in her own right. 

Musk has built a successful career as a model, nutrition counselor, and dietician. Musk is also the author of the bestselling book A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty, and Success.

Early life

Born in Canada as Maye Haldeman, Maye Musk had a very adventurous and exciting childhood. 

Her parents were archaeologists, and she went along with them on their expeditions. In the early 1950s, her family set out on an expedition to locate the Lost City of the Kalahari. 

Musk traveled with her parents in a prop plane around southern Africa in an attempt to locate the fabled city.


Maye Musk has had a successful career as a model, and she continues to work in modeling even in her old age. She began modeling when she was young and competed in the 1969 Miss South Africa beauty competition at the age of 21. 

She has also worked as a dietician and has two master’s degrees in dietetics and nutritional science.


1948- Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

1952- Explored southern Africa on her parents’ expedition

1969- Competed in the Miss South Africa beauty competition

1970- Married Errol Musk

1971- Son Elon Musk was born

1972- Son Kimbal Musk was born

1974- Daughter Tosca Musk was born

1979- Divorced Errol Musk

1989- Moved to Canada

2019- Published her first book

2012- Pictured on the front page of Elle Canada

2021- Appeared on Saturday Night Live with son Elon Musk

Personal Life

Maye Musk married Errol Musk in 1970 and had three children with him. However, Errol proved to be a violent and abusive husband. Maye divorced him in 1979. 

Maye Musk has enjoyed success as a model, but her children have had even more success in their careers. Her son Elon is one of the richest men in the world as the owner of SpaceX and Tesla.

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Famous Quotes

1.) “It’s better to be interesting than to be beautiful.”

2.) “You need to have a reason to move. You may want to explore better opportunities, get away from bad situations, or just take a chance. It could be the best thing you do.”

3.) “No matter how big or small the opportunity, someone else will always answer the question for you of “why not?” But think about what’s going to make you happy.”

4.) “When you have good eating habits, you have more energy and feel fantastic, but it takes time and persistence. That was the basis of my nutrition counseling.”

5.) “Things broke. We didn’t panic. We fixed them and carried on. In life, we fear many things that don’t happen. When bad things happen, we need to find a solution.”

Social Media Stats & Info

Maye Musk has successfully shown that older people can have a place on social media. She is very active on social platforms, especially Instagram. 

She has 570k followers on Instagram and regularly posts about her life, modeling, and travels. 

Musk has 473.2k followers on Twitter, 175k on Facebook, and 69.4k on TikTok. On Tik Tok, she posts videos about nutrition and exercise.

Success Lessons

  • Maye Musk overcame her difficult marriage and learned how to be a successful single mother
  • Musk is an example to women who want to find career success at an older age
  • Musk worked hard in school to succeed in her career

Interesting or Weird facts

  • Maye Musk appeared on the late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live in 2021 when her son Elon hosted the show
  • Musk has two master’s degrees, one in nutritional science and one in dietetics
  • Musk has a twin named Kaye, who also has children who are entrepreneurs


How did Maye Musk become wealthy? 

Maye Musk struggled with poverty as a single mother. However, she worked hard in her career as a dietician and model and soon rose to success.

Why does Maye Musk have white hair? 

Musk is famous for refusing to dye her hair. Many models choose to dye their hair when they age, but Musk focuses on natural beauty.

What country does Maye Musk live in? 

Musk has lived all over the world, and she claims South Africa, the United States, and Canada as some of her homes. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Final Words

Maye Musk’s $20 million net worth has come from many years of hard work. She had an adventurous start to her life as she followed along on her parents’ expeditions. She endured a difficult marriage and life as a single mother. Finally, she found success as a model and dietician.