Rashed “Money Kicks” Belhasa Net Worth

Net Worth$4 Million
Full NameRashed Saif Belhasa
Source of WealthTik-Tok/Brand Deals/YouTube
Date of BirthJanuary 2, 2002 (Age: 20)
Star SignCapricorn
Place of BirthDubai, UAE
Height1.68m (5’6″)

Rashed ‘Money Kicks’ Belhasa is a budding YouTube star known for his engaging content on cars and expensive collector shoes. Over the course of his career, he has seen a huge surge in his popularity. He is considered one of the richest young people in Dubai. His father is a famous businessman known for his extravagant collection of supercars. Rashed’s YouTube career started with an introduction to his life and soon after, he had gained 50K subscribers to make additional content for. 

Early Life

There isn’t much information about Rashed’s personal life. He was born on January 5, 2002, and grew up in Dubai. He studied at The International School of Arts And Sciences. However, it is unknown whether he graduated from college. Born as an Emirati, he has spent most of his life in the Gulf, enjoying a lavish lifestyle and privileged background thanks to his parents.

Rashed developed an interest for expensive shoes and cars from an early age. He has a vast collection of sneakers and other interesting tidbits from his life featured on his YouTube channel. His amazing sneaker collection and dedication to his art brought many fans to his budding YouTube channel.

Having a giant collection of cars to feature at home, this young millionaire showed his viewers a glimpse into the life of a billionaire’s son. His father owns many businesses across the Middle East. He loves pizza and frequently enjoys watching other prominent YouTubers’ content online. His hobbies include traveling and vlogging. 


Rashed Belhasa started his YouTube career in 2015 when he posted a video of his sneaker collection. His channel gained massive success after he featured his Bentley and Rolls Royce. The collections certainly drew many viewers, with some items being exceptionally valuable and rare for collectors.

The videos he made even feature prominent rappers and celebrities. The content involved them spending a day with ‘Money Kicks’ and going through his items, with occasional humor sprinkled in and some other activities. When Rashed made a video with Young Thug in 2015, it was a turning point for his YouTube career. It helped that his house was one of the most luxurious places you could visit in the region.

The place features an entire zoo, a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, recreational rooms, etc. The private zoo features a whole host of animals that draw in viewer attention, like lions, tigers, zebras, and giraffes in Dubai.

Career Highlights

  • His rise to fame certainly netted him the spotlight, with so many opportunities at his disposal he even launched his own clothing brand called KA-1.
  • This YouTube star has managed to get high-profile guests on his videos. These prominent names include but are not limited to Floyd Mayweather, Cardi B, Mariah Carey, Fetty Wap, and Pogba.
  • The subscriber count on his YouTube channel has reached around 3.5 M, with an average viewer rate of 70-1.2 Million. His meeting with Young Thug was what launched him into online notoriety.
  • He recently purchased a Rolls Royce from his money to add to his growing collection of supercars that include a Ferrari, Lamborghini, and a Cadillac.
  • His luxuries afforded him time with celebrities like Jackie Chan, Shahrukh Khan, several rappers, and pop stars like Rihanna, Pitbull, and Logan Paul.
  • Adding to his growing fame, Belhasa is getting ready to fight Tyson Fury in a boxing ring for a Youtuber event.
  • He saw debut success against another fellow Emirati Youtuber, Anas Elshayib. 

Rashed Belhasa’s Interview for BBC Radio 1

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Success Lessons

1. Do Your Own Thing

Reshad was born into a life of opulence but he chose to forge his own path. He started making videos when he was only fourteen. Since then, his channel has grown vastly over the years.

2. Stay Humble

Despite being a big name among Emirati YouTubers, many people enjoy Belhasa’s content because of his humble and lively nature. Many describe him as down-to-earth, shy, and “always smiling.”


Being the son of a prominent business mogul doesn’t limit you to a shadow one can’t overcome. Rashed dedicated years of his time to his hobbies and managed to make a career out of exhibiting his collections. This helped him gain his own footing which is something he prides himself for. The amount of changes his content goes through only adds to the freshness of his work.

His exorbitant glamour and luxury-related content gains a lot of online traction. Rashed continues to push his boundaries and features his struggles on videos for the world to see, and that’s what makes him rather favorable in the public eye.


Does Rashed eat Pork?

No, he is a practicing Muslim man.

Is Money Kicks a vegetarian?

No, he likes meat and often features himself consuming it.

Where was Money Kicks born?

He was born in Dubai, UAE. He is an Emirati.

Who is Money Kick’s Father?

His father is the construction tycoon, Saif Ahmed Belhasa. He is a billionaire and owns many companies in the UAE, including Saif Belhasa Holding and Belhasa International.

How many siblings does Money Kicks have?

He has 2 brothers, Abdulla and Mayed Belhasa.

Who are Money Kick’s friends?

Lana Rose and Mo Vlogs are friends with Rashed and often collaborate with him for videos. 

How old is Money Kicks?

As of 2022, he is 20 years old.

How much is Money Kick’s trainers’ collection worth?

The total estimated cost of all of the shoes he owns totals up to $2 Million.

What is Rashed Belhasa doing now?

He is focusing on his budding celebrity boxing career.

Does Money Kicks make music?

Yes, he has several music videos featured on his channel, some with prominent rappers.

What movie was Rashed Belhasa in?

He played a minor role as a child in the movie ‘Ferrari ki Sawari.’

What is the name of Money Kick’s clothing brand?

His brand’s name is ‘KA-1.’