Naira Marley’s management releases official statement- says the artist borrowed the laptop which had incriminating evidence


Naira Marley’s management has released a contradictory statement concerning the singer’s arrest due to cyber fraud which he was arrested for.

Naira Marley, who was arrested alongside Zlatan Ibile on the 10th of May is still in EFCC’s custody even after Zlatan got released.

The statement released today by his management stated that Naira Marley has turned his back on criminal activities and is in no way in support of internet fraud.

Although the statement did say that the singer went out of line with his recent social media shenanigan, but they’re asking that he shouldn’t be prosecuted for his senseless mistake.

As for the incriminating evidence found on his laptop, the statement revealed that the laptop does not belong to the singer…

The Takeaway

The EFCC began investigation on Naira Marley right after his baseless rant on social media which went viral and prompted the agency to start sniffing for Intel in order to expose him for the scammer he truly is and they found it through an insider.

Naira Marley might be the scape goat the EFCC intends using to propagate its message of intolerance against Internet fraud.

If interested read the statement below, but personally I think its Bullshit and doesn’t hold water 🙄

P.S- You might need to zoom in


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