Natanael Cano Net Worth

What is Natanael Cano’s net worth?

Net Worth$3 Million (US) 
Source of WealthMusic, Rapping, Online Personality
Date of BirthMarch 27, 2001
Height5’8” (1.78 m)
Place of BirthHermosilla, Sonora, Mexico
Star SignAries
Marital StatusUnmarried


Natanael Cano was born in Mexico and grew up loving traditional Mexican ballads, called corridos. He is currently a rapper and a Youtube influencer who makes his money off YouTube videos and live performances of his songs. 

Natanael Cano has a record deal with Apple Music as well as Warner Music Latin. He makes the bulk of his money off of sales of his hit singles and his Youtube videos. 

Early life

Cano started performing for his friends and family at age 9 and taught himself to play the guitar at age 13. He was inspired by traditional Mexican music and at first, played only that. As he grew more proficient at guitar, Cano began to branch out from ballads and learn more classical music. 

At the age of 16, he released his first song on Youtube, and Cano’s career took off. 


He started performing at an early age, releasing his first original song on Youtube at 16. This song quickly became popular for his mix of traditional corridos and more popular rap music. This mix is now called corridos tumbados and continues to grow in popularity. However, it was started by Natanael Cano. 

Cano continues to release music and Youtube videos regularly but has only had one billboard hit in his career thus far. 


  • 2017, his first video on YouTube
  • 2019, professional debut
  • 2019, 166 on the U.S. Billboards and #4 on Latin billboards
  • 2020, Premio Juventud award for his released single

Personal Life

The singer is not publicly dating anyone and spends his time creating Youtube videos for his 2 million followers and releasing new music. He also has an interest in cars and has used some of his extensive earnings to start a car collection. 

Natanael Cano has only been on tour once and mostly releases music from his home in Los Angeles.

Related YouTube Video 

Here is the most recent music video, released in preparation for Coachella 2022. 

Famous Quotes and Sayings

Natanael Cano has not been famous for very long, but his attitude towards life and fame is inspiring to many. His self-taught musical talent and ability to look at the world from a new and interesting perspective have given him some insight into how to approach life and music. Here are some of the most inspiring and famous quotes from Cano.

“I learned to enjoy life.” 

 “I understand your love wasn’t eternal

And I wasn’t always attentive to tell you how I feel

My ways, perhaps, weren’t right

I didn’t have the feelings to tell you I love you

And I’m sorry

But I don’t regret anything

And today I don’t feel very good

You were my only love” (From his song “Pero No”, translated to English) 

Social Media Stats and Info

Natanael Cano has been able to support his success in the music industry with social media outreach, including an enormous following on Youtube and Instagram. He is the most active on YouTube. Here is his social media information. 

Youtube: 2.04 million subscribers

Instagram: 3.3 million followers 

Twitter: 83.8 thousand followers

Facebook: 110 thousand likes

TikTok: 220 thousand followers

Success Lessons

For a young artist who dreams of making it big, here are some success lessons you can learn from Natanael Cano’s journey: 

  • Find a good talent scout. Cano’s label and mentor keep him grounded and able to focus on his music. 
  • Use classic sounds and mix them with new sounds. Without his classical upbringing, Cano wouldn’t be where he is today. 
  • Don’t be afraid to pursue what you love. Natanael Cano can buy classic cars and make music because he taught himself guitar at an early age, inspired by the artists he loved. 

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Cano: 

  • He has a car collection
  • He has collaborated with several Latin superstars, including Bad Bunny
  • He is one of the youngest millionaires in Mexico


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Natanael Cano. 

Is Natanael Cano Single? 

Natanael Cano isn’t currently dating anyone publicly. 

What do Natanael Cano’s Songs Mean?

Cano’s songs are mostly taken from moments in his life and his personal experiences with friends and family. 

Is Natanael Cano an Independent Artist?

Natanael Cano is part of several groups and labels, including Apple Music, Warner Music Latin, and Rancho Humilde, an independent label that focuses on trap-corrido music. Recently, he signed with WME as well. 


Natanael Cano rose to success at such a young age due to his natural talent and love of music. He was spotted early by a talent agent and has had the opportunity to spread his music around the world.