Nicki Minaj is Married- Pictures of Nicki and her man eloping together in Paris


Nicki Minaj is presently a hitched lady, as per two sources affiliated to the platinum selling female rapper.

What’s more, one of those sources that enlightened me regarding Nicki’s Nuptials, is Nicki herself. The Anaconda rapper unintentionally slipped info of her new conjugal status, amid a recent pod-cast she spoke on.

Nicki uncovered to her fans that she and her sweetheart, Kenneth Petty, subtly got married.

In the most recent conversation with her fans on her Apple Music radio show, “Queen Radio” – Nicki shared some private insights concerning she and Kenneth’s love affair.

While alluding to him, she called Kenneth her “HUSBAND!” Nicki stated:

“Consistently when I finish bathing, my Husband takes this great salve that we just purchased, and he rubs my feet, and rubs them, and he rubs each toe exclusively, and the heel, and the ankle, and he does everything.”

After she made the comments – Nicki realized that she might have revealed too much details. She quickly begun chuckling apprehensively and stated, “I said what I said.”

Another source which has preferred to remain anonymous also revealed that Nicki Minaj is truly married.

Below are the photos of the two together:


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