Sidemen Net Worth – Net Worth of Each Member

Sidemen is a collective of YouTube entertainers created by YouTubers KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, and Vikkstar123. These five original members of Sidemen gave the collective a high and admirable net worth.

These members are self-made, having created one of the most prolific entertainment gaming vlog channels with over 130 million subscribers and over 33 billion views across all YouTube channels.

Sidemen Main Source of Income:

  • Youtube Adsense Income – about $2 million in revenue
  • Merchandise Sales (sidemen clothing) – about $1.7 to $2 million per year.
  • Sponsorship Advertising – About 6 figure income

Sidemen operate through four main channels: Sidemen, MoreSidemen, SidemenReacts, and SidemenShorts.

Richest sidemen members in order:

  • KSI – $22 Million
  • Miniminter – $20 Million
  • W2S – $14 Million Million
  • Vikkstar123 – $11 Million
  • Zerkaa – $6 Million
  • Behzinga – $2.5 Million
  • objizzle – $1.5 Million
Source of WealthYoutube Enterainment/ Gaming /Vlogging
Date of Creation2013
Origin LocationLondon, England
NetworkOmnia Media and OP Talent
Awards and NominationsBritish Book Awards and Shorty Awards
PublicationsThe Sidemen (Released October 18, 2016)
Music Produced“The Gift” (Released in 2019)
Last UpdatedApril 2022

9 Year Evolution of The Sidemen


Sidemen is a YouTube group that conducts several online challenges, skits, sketches, and video game content across several YouTube channels. In addition, Sidemen also do reactions to other YouTube videos, pop culture media, and movies. They also do shorts and other quick videos.

The now seven members of Sidemen have their own YouTube channels that generate views, money, and traffic to their various channels.

The real names of these members are as follows:

  • Olajide Olatunji
  • Simon Minter
  • Joshua Bradley
  • Tobit Brown
  • Ethan Payne
  • Vikram Barn
  • Harry Lewis (a member since 2014)

Early History

Sidemen were founded in 2013 and have since added another two members to its ranks. Several of the members of Sidemen know each other from their young, formative years when attending school in London.

Since knowing each other in childhood, the group has branched out and added new members that met at social clubs, gaming events, and other outings.

Career Development

Sidemen are still producing content on a regular schedule. Since 2013, Sidemen has gotten over 30 billion views across its YouTube channels. To ensure that content creation was as easy as possible, Sidemen purchased a home close to London and has since referred to the home as the “Sidemen House.” This house allowed more opportunities for content, collaboration, and financial generation.


The evolution of Sidemen can is as follows:

  • Several members of Sidemen meet young in a school near London.
  • In 2013, these members created Sidemen.
  • More members come from social clubs and gatherings.
  • Sidemen purchase a home to boost collaboration and content creation.
  • Sidemen get more than 10 million subscribers on its main channel.

Personal Lives

The members of Sidemen keep much of their lives private and choose not to share many aspects of their personal lives. There have been rumors about personal lives circulating on the internet about some members. Much of these claims, however, are not confirmed.

Most members of the Sidemen have been in long-term romantic relationships, have engaged in high-profile boxing matches, and have adorable pets.

This introduction video from 2016 expresses the members’ hopes and dreams for what would become a raving success.

Famous Quotes & Sayings

1.) “ I wasn’t really into a school that much. I was in this building having to cram knowledge I didn’t really care for. But on YouTube, I was able to create what I wanted and post it for people to watch.” – KSI

2.) “…I honestly don’t know what I’ve done to deserve the family, friends, and supporters that I have…” – Tobit Brown

3.) “…change is the only constant in life, wake up tomorrow and do something you’ve always wanted to do, no matter what it is!” – Ethan Payne

Social Media, Stats, & Info

Sidemen have become a raving success online. Each member has their own social media page and YouTube channel. You can view all the Sidemen YouTube channels here:

You can also view the members’ Twitter pages here:

The Sidemen channels have had over 33 billion views and over 130 million subscribers.

Success Lessons

The Sidemen have learned some lessons from their success:

  • KSI claims that much of his success comes from the Sidemen and that his career burned bright because of them.
  • Some members of the Sidemen claim that dropping out of school was one of the best decisions they ever made.
  • Members of the Sidemen value personality and determine that personality traits are one of the reasons they have mastered the art of YouTube vlogging, gaming, and entertainment.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Sidemen:

  • Olajide Olatunji, or “KSI,” was rumored to have left the Sidemen for a short time due to controversy with other Sidemen member Ethan Payne.
  • Harry Lewis was the last member to join the Sidemen.
  • All money generated from the Sidemen channels is equally distributed among all members.


How many members are in the Sidemen? 

There are seven members currently in the Sidemen.

When were the Sidemen founded? 

The Sidemen group was founded in 2013.

Who created the Sidemen group? 

The Sidemen was initially created by member Olajide Olatunji, who is also known by his online moniker “KSI” and nickname “JJ.”


Sidemen is a monster of a collective that creates content for over 130 million subscribers. Every year that passes, the Sidemen only get more popular and successful. Not only do they do skits, sketches, and reactions, but they also publish books, make music, and engage in boxing matches.